Dancing the hidden language of his soul

His art is an amalgamation of intellect, artistry and grace personified. He creates sculptures with his dance, that exist but for a moment.

Great dancers are great, because of their passion. That’s how I’d describe him – passionate.

He’s choreographed the audition winning performance of  _ , specially abled to represent Telangana at the International Special Olympics, United States.

I’d like to share with you the story of my special friend. I call him “Heisenberg”

In his words…

Unlike handmade art or anything that is tangible, dance is a momentary escape to feeling alive. It lets me express myself and reveals to me what I can make myself of, an expression of my very soul.

My dance is an outward form of an inner experience of how I feel. Although, I’d never given much thought to how I would live my life, I was born and chosen to be a dancer.

Daily dance uplifts the soul to spiritual realms.”

Lailah Gifty Akita

I dance always, everywhere and anywhere. And one thing that has been consistent is the hustle.

I learnt more from my failures than I did from my success and I like to talk about them. I lost major events like “Freeze, Red Bull BC One, Blame it on the Boogie, Circle Masters and may others. Each time I lost, I told myself Go back home. Train your ass and come back. Don’t give up until you perform your best. And there are times when I give my best and may still  loose at the event. I don’t call it a loss.

My idols of inspiration are Goku and Vegita from Dragon Ball Z. I grew up watching them coming out as warriors and fighters with each passing challenge. I imagined myself in these fiction characters. They never gave up. Simple anime that taught to me the art of being alive and train to be my version of best.

Hip-hop by far is an underlooked dance form,especially in Hyderabad. Although I never danced for money, I must admit that we’re not given as much recognition as I think we deserve. It takes me 10 years to achieve a 60 seconds of performance I give. And sometimes, one single move could take years to master.

I had to do something for my community. The community I belonged. I realized the gap that Hyderabad is not an active promoter of hip-hop jamz and culture. I wanted to be there for those who needed that guidance.Thats when, I started to take classes.

I train people to dance and I try & let the rhythm move them. Sometimes I’d train as early as 3AM in the morning to attend to other things. I never let my mind get tired. Now as I reflect back, the times that I made people try and move their bodies through dance has made me feel alive like never before. It makes you open up to the realization that your feet & arms can let you into the fantasy world of your life.

I enjoy the extravagance of being my in-most self when I dance. And I aspire to help people build courage as they learn to dance their way thorugh life conquering all fear. They’re never again afraid of breaking. That’s when they’re more than dancers, they are Supersaiyans.

Do I get tired…yes. Do I give up..NO!

About Jerome

For someone that likes to practice than perform, Jerome is a active member of Proximity Crew. He has bagged the most prestigious titles like Regional Cyphers of Hyd Redbull One, Circle Masterzs, Springspree, CKN among many other local competitions like Spit the Game, Style Royal and has judged many local hip-hop dance competitions like Cyphers Hours. He has also perfomed for Rowdy, the proud initiative of Mr. Vijay Devarakonda. Jerome is claimed one of Hyderabad’s best bboys.

Reach out to Jerome on IG –  jerome_bboyshadow


Hast Kari – paintings inspired by life, created by hand!

Since ancient times, human beings have been expressing the desire to present their emotions, perspectives, thoughts and the mere reason of their existence and purpose through art and its various forms.

Though so, painting was chosen by Sumedha for personal reasons including coping with her father’s deteriorating situation due to Cancer, little did she know that it would open up a parallel source of income while also turning into a rich source of positive energy for her, her family and now to the community where she promotes this art.

Her Story:

“Colors, unarguably can lighten up the mood of common people. For a simple family like mine, my father’s condition was difficult to cope with, leading to turmoil and distress. Those were the times when it got increasingly difficult to express gratitude to life, remain strong and closely knitted. All of us needed to heal. That’s when I chose Colors.

Soon, I unveiled that painting can be very therapeutic. Gradually I started to communicate through my paintings and felt heard. I painted the collages of my worries, the distress I felt and colored my way to restoration and gradually found happiness in my art. It improved my everyday life. I felt empowered. That’s how I went on to create Hast Kari.

From then on, I never looked back. I developed a passion for my art and kept trying multiple art forms and paintings that are inspired by life. Some of my favorites include – Folk, Madhubani, Warli, Mexican, African, Phad all of which communicate simple stories very strongly. I am no expert and no artistic talent is required for art therapy to work.  I am just a commoner – playing with vibrant colors to seek liberation.”

Presenting you- HastKari.


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